Couples Counselling

We can all experience difficulty in our relationships throughout our lives; work stresses and strains, differences in parenting style, blended families (step parents/children), financial problems, illness, sexual issues, children’s behaviour – these are a few of the issues that can put a strain on relationships.

couples-counselling-imagePartners and family members will all have differing coping styles including talking things through, withdrawing, becoming down, anxious or angry.

It can feel almost impossible to work through our relationship difficulties when our styles of coping clash and our needs feel so different. My work in this area focuses on creating an environment where you can talk openly and honestly with each other.

It encourages more effective communication and an opportunity to explore problems and find ways of understanding each other and moving forwards. My work in this area is also person-centered although I may use other approaches to help people understand barriers to communication and to make sense of their relationships.